Kohl's cares fundraising gift cards

Have Kohl's contribute to DREAMS4U based on how you already shop with Kohl's!  DREAMS4U has been accepted as a Kohl's Cares Fundraising Gift Card provider.  This means that Kohl's donates to DREAMS4U with each Kohl's Cares Fundraising Gift Card purchased from DREAMS4U.  And the BEST PART, you can use the Fundraising Gift Card to pay down your Kohl's balance in stores!!  Can't do that with the regular gift cards.  The Fundraising Gift Cards are accepted at stores, online, and in store to pay down your Kohl's balance.  So help out DREAMS4U by having Kohl's donate through your purchase of the Kohl's Cares Fundraising Gift Cards through DREAMS4U.  See the form below for ordering and we will also have some available at our fundraisers!

DREAMS4U Kohls Cares Fundraising Gift Cards (pdf)