Privacy Policy


Donor Privacy Policy


This privacy policy discusses the policy for DREAMS4U about the information collected, retained, and used related to some of our supporters, donors, volunteers, and prospects. Information includes personal information obtained from donors, volunteers, and prospects through completion of donation information, volunteer services, and other interactions with DREAMS4U.


DREAMS4U respects the privacy of the personal and organizational information that we are privileged to have. Our commitment is to respect the privacy of our supporters.

1. DREAMS4U does not sell supporter information.

2. Without the supporter’s consent, DREAMS4U does not provide information to organizations or individuals outside DREAMS4U.

3. Unless permission is granted or required by Federal or State filings, DREAMS4U holds information concerning donors and prospects confidential. Procedures are in place to limit the information provided to DREAMS4U to those with a need to know.

Donor’s Rights

1. To be informed of the mission, intended use of donated resources, and ability to use donations for the intended purpose.

2. To know who is serving on the board and that they will exercise prudent judgment and stewardship.

3. Access to published financial statements.

4. Right to assurance the gifts are used for the intended charitable purpose.

5. Right to indicate if publication of their donor name (outside of Federal and State filing requirements) is permitted.

6. Right to expect that relationships of organization representatives in the interest of the donors is professional.

7. To understand if those soliciting donations are volunteers, employees, paid solicitors or board members.

8. Ability to ask questions when donating and to receive prompt, truthful answers.

Request for Removal from DREAMS4U Listings and/or Databases

Write, Email or Contact: DREAMS4U 13408 Black Walnut Lane Spotsylvania, VA 22551 (703) 407-8652.